Universal language.

Vibrations create energies. All the emotions are your physicality, each and every organ and breathe in your body creates vibration, that is the energy you give out to the universe to set your frequency and that is pure.
We identified patterns of vibration to create sound. We use that sound to communicate, later written in pattern to even read it , these patterns are languages.
Communication with the help of a vocal or written language is used to convey your desires and fears emerged from your ego and ego is an illusion.

Even that language is further more illusional by your’s or other’s thoughts. Thoughts are based on pampering or attacking ego, again an illusion.

And that’s how we drown ourselves in an ocean of illusions.

Universal language is the truth and it is in rhythms & patterns of the universe.




I try to experience everything as raw and simple to be aware of the true state.

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